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Productive Partnerships and Fruitful Connections: New Jersey City University, USA, and H.A. College of Commerce, Ahmedabad

The liaison between NJCU and HACC, which began in 2015, has now turned into a strong bond of collaborative partnership. when educational institutions partner with each other in a spirit of friendship and common good, it is certain to turn into a mutually benefiting outcome, bringing advantages to the students, the faculty and the cause of education. NJCU and HACC have experienced this outcome.

On the 5th and 6th of January 2019, Dr. Sue Henderson, President, NJCU, and Ms Tamara Cunningham, Asst. Vice-President, (Global Initiatives), NJCU, visited Gujarat Law Society to meet with Shri Sudhir Nanavati, Executive Vice-President, GLS, and President, GLS University, and other GLS officials, so as to strengthen the existing ties between the two institutions. The Patel Scholars Program, currently running between the two institutions, is the pilot project funded by HACC alumnus, Mr. Chirag Patel, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, USA. Under this program, 5 students from Gujarat Law Society’s HA College of Commerce are funded every year to study MBA at the NJCU School of Business, since 2016.

At the luncheon meeting between GLS and NJCU on 5th of January, the two institutions discussed many of the projects running at their respective organizations, opening the path for future alliances and further partnerships.

President Henderson spoke about how India is sure to be the bright spot in the global future and how she has been impressed with the way Indians and India have progressed over the years. She mentioned how proud she is of the diversity of her university, and how she can see a similar diversity in India. She looks forward to many partnerships and programs between GLS and NJCU for the benefit of the students.

Shri Sudhir Nanavati spoke about the growth of GLSU and GLS over the years, hoping for alliances that will strengthen the next generation and the country. He appreciated the efforts of Dr. Sanjay Vakil, Principal, HACC, and the faculty of HACC. There were interactions between the Deans, Principals and Directors of GLS, with Ms Cunningham regarding international relations between NJCU and GLS.

The ties between HACC and NJCU reached a peak when 14 students and 2 faculty members came for 6 days as guests of the HA Gandhian Society. This visit of the NJCU team of students and faculty to a college in India, with organized homestays for all, in order to experience Gandhi’s life and ideals, is one of the most unique events in educational history. The NJCU students and faculty of sociology, ESL, criminal justice, psychology etc. were hosted by students of HACC; the faculties were hosted by faculties of HACC. Dr. William Westerman and Dr. Steve Haber led the 14 students from NJCU on their trip to India. The six days of their visit were packed with visits to Gandhian sites, archeological sites, guest lectures, interactions and, most enjoyably, dance and shopping. The Principal, Dr. Sanjay Vakil, led the planning and the execution of this visit, getting personally involved with all the activities of the visitors. The faculty members of the Gandhian Society, Dr. Jean Dsouza, Dr. Anuradha Pagedar, Dr. M.R. Sonara and Prof. Shubhra Nanavaty, also were highly involved with this visit.

The welcome ceremony of these students was filled with fanfare and tradition, with HACC students dressed in sarees, welcoming the guests with garlands and tika. The next six days included visits to Gujarat Vidyapith, Gandhi Ashram, Adalaj ni Vav, Amdavad ni Gufa, Heritage Walk, etc. It also included the celebration of the kite-flying festival together with the host students. On the last day, the college celebrated Traditional Day, wherein all the students of the college dressed in traditional garments, and the visitors too joined in with Indian clothing. All the students and faculty danced to tunes of garba and raas, enjoying the company, the music and the ambiance.

The visiting students were included in the lives of the families of the home-stays organized for them. They enjoyed cooking, eating and sharing lives with the families they lived with. They experienced some of the values and life-style of Gandhi in their home-stays, thus ensuring the success of the entire event.


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